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April 8, 2023 – 10:06 am

Years after the "boom" of Asian horror half the world,especially in the U.S. I am about to create this list.
Navigating and especially reading the opinions of fellow members in several different places,I have dared to publish this list,guiding the percentage of views between ellas.Debo clear that the list is limited to films of recent years.
No older movies go,why could criticizing its limited resources and that's not an excuse.
This is the list (from 10 to 1):

Ki-hyeong Park. Directed by: Ki-hyeong Park.
Corea del sur. Country: South Korea.
Thriller/Terror,Drama. Genre: Thriller / Horror,Drama.
1998. Year: 1998.

Through the corridors of strict girls college,is whispered about the ghost of Jin Ju student who committed suicide nine years ago.Start the new year and one of the former teachers appears hanged. A former student and colleague of Jin Ju who started his career as a professor at the university,will be wrapped in the mysteries that hide the center aisles with a group of young students ...


Everyone likes,and you already know that in this film there are four sequels,as nobody had it clear what was the best,nor do I,put the first and the beginning which is,in this Korean horror saga.

Although it appears that "Voice" (the 4th) is the most like the audience ...great movie.

] Audition (Ôdishon) [9th] Audition (Ôdishon)
Takashi Miike. Directed by Takashi Miike.
Japón. Country: Japan.
Thriller/Terror,Drama/Gore. Genre: Thriller / Horror,Drama / Gore.
1999. Year: 1999.

It tells the tender desire for a widowed father,tired and bored with his life,decides to ignore the advice of your child and get to the task of returning to get a wife.
A friend linked to the movie industry makes a proposal that seems foolproof: under the guise of a supposed movie,convene a hearing of women who,subject to certain personal requirements submitted to request paper ...


Great film that Takashi Miike became popular outside Japan,not suitable for all audiences.

An exercise where Miike plays with the audience in a macabre love story,where he found blood.

His final scene is among the best in the history of the horror film of all time,there's nothing ...

] Kairo [8th] Kairo (Press)

Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa.
Japón. Country: Japan.
Thriller/Terror. Genre: Thriller / Horror.
2001. Year: 2001.

Michi long ago,and Yabe Yunko without news of a friend.When Michi goes to visit her home find it a bit strange. Although he claims to be good,he soon found hanging from the ceiling.On the other hand we have Ryusuke,testing to connect to the internet for the first time,without much success.Suddenly your computer begins to enter only in the network,and there is a strange website,which shows disturbing images of dark rooms and finally a disturbing message: "You want to see a ghost?" ...


Interesting work of Kurosawa,serious reflection,in which certain events sinister influence,not suitable for people with little patience.

It is one of the most sinister films within the genre,refrain from seeing the American remake ...

Source: cinedeterrorasiatico.blogspot.com

Vital Books Japanese Cinema Encyclopedia: The Sex Films
Book (Vital Books)

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I have noticed lately that you're writing an awful lot of reviews for foreign movies that aren't even in English. They are in another language with English subtitles. Now I am as cultured as the next person, but do you honestly think many U.S. theaters are showing movies like "Jian Gui," which is in Cantonese, Mandarin and Thai? And even if they were, who do you think would watch these movies? Are there just not enough movies coming out lately that are in English?
Kreg Cremer, Boyertown, Pa.
Ebert replies:
Somebody must have seen "Jian Gui"--released in North America as "The Eye"--because Tom Cruise has purchased the remake rights

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