The Ten Best Horror Movies Of Japanese

August 29, 2013 – 01:24

The Ten Best Horror Movies Of Japanese

The Ten Best Horror Movies Of Japanese - Japanese Horror films always given us much miedo.Comprueba the top ten of the best Japanese horror movies:

10 - Missed Call (Chakushin Ari) - 2003

Takashi Miike delight us again this horror film.A student receives a strange call to your mobile where you hear strange sounds and your own voice screaming,dying three days later.The circle of people receiving the call is extended quickly.

9-Blind Beast (Moju) - 1969

Ranked nine of the best Japanese horror films will find this tape.It's about a blind sculptor lives in seclusion with his mother.Obsessed with beauty,kidnaps a young until they decide to pose for him.

8 - Strange Beings (Marebito) - 2004

In this horror film, a photographer sees a man on the subway stabbing.From then begin investigating the reason for this brutal fact which will let you discover mysterious creatures found in the basement of the city.Highly recommended but not for all.

7 - Dark Water (Mizu No Soko Honogurai Karo) - 2002

Another American film which has done a remake.A woman and her daughter move into an old apartment.The extraordinary events will occur gradually: noise,humidity rapidly rising ...

6-Horrors of Malformed Men Of (Kyofu Kike Ningen) - 1969

Banned in Japan and directed by Teruo Ishii,the film is considered a masterpiece within the horror genre lovers.Hiroshuke is locked in an asylum without knowing exactly why.peliculas terror japonesas

5 - Ichi The Killer (Ichi Koroyisha) - 2001

Anzo a Yakuza boss disappears with 100 million yen.Kakihara,loyal to his boss undertake your search with unorthodox methods.His research led him to Ichi an unscrupulous murderer is orders of a former Head Yakuza

4 - The Grudge (Ju-on) - 2003

A seemingly normal house is wrapped in a spiral of paranormal events.All there experiences undergone by the different inhabitants are mixed over time in a series of supernatural occurrences that leave anyone indifferent.

3 - Black Cat (Kuroneko) - 1968

A classic Japanese horror film.Two women are raped and murdered by a group of samurai.Shortly after the victims back from the dead for revenge.Recommended 100%.

2 - Audition (Ôdishon) - 1999

Japanese films never cease to amaze.The brilliant director Takashi Miike directs this bold and original tape.A widower a fake casting calls for an alleged movie.His intention is to find a new wife.This quiet first half gives way to a succession of violence and torture.

1 - The Ring (Ringu) - 1998

The number one Japanese horror movies has a simple plot: A cursed videotape ends the lives of those who see it,unless you teach it to someone else.But thanks to its stunning visuals and outstanding performances by Nanako Matsushima and Hiroyuki Sanada,managed to get goosebumps.

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