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March 31, 2023 – 09:00 am

Yoga (Korean Movie - 2009) - 요가학원 @ HanCinema :: The Korean

Kang-ho Song, Mercedes Cabral, Ok-bin Kim, Hae-sook Kim, Ha-kyun Shin, In-hwan Park.

Kang-ho Song, Mercedes Cabral, Ok-bin Kim, Hae-sook Kim, Ha-kyun Shin, In-hwan Park.

Sang-Hyun (Kang-ho Song), um padre que acredita que a vida é preciosa, torna-se voluntário de um projeto secreto de desenvolvimento de vacinas para ajudar a salvar vidas a partir de um vírus mortal. Synopsis: Sang-hyun (Song Kang-ho), a priest who believes that life is precious, it is voluntary for a secret project to develop vaccines to help save lives from a deadly virus. But during the experiment, he is infected with the virus and dies. When you receive a blood transfusion from a stranger miraculously back to life, but the blood turns him into a vampire. Sang-hyun is now conflicted between the carnal desire for blood and faith, which forbids killing. But if he can not survive without feeding on human blood, then how can he get it without resorting to assassination?

Hello everybody!
I'm really missing the internet lately. It's what I've been enjuada to stand in front of the pc forever, so I walked taking a few weeks off to watch movies and get drunk with friends ... Consequently this last option, almost destroyed my elbow and my knees but of anything XD

This week I did a marathon of horror films eastern. I chose about 20 films to download, there's Asian Space site! Those who had downloaded a synopsis cool and beautiful cover (or I must see trailers XD). But anyway, I've only seen five of which I downloaded and enjoyed only two ... So I'll comment more than I liked.


Usually when we read the synopsis of a Korean film, we half goatherds already. I particularly hate Korean horror films because they are usually more of a drama with blood and terrible ghosts of lovers, than a horror film itself.

So I have this problem with the Koreans.

But Bloodlust made ​​me have another concept as the history of vampires.

The film is new, its original release date is 2009, but he left this year in Brazil, then we as films of 2010.

So to the people who really like vampires, but that is coming into despair with the new movies that are coming out about these fascinating creatures, can stop worrying, because that was the best vampire movie I've seen in my life!

Is second only to the classics and Interview with the Vampire.

Seriously, this amazing movie!

Things about vampires that you look and say "yes this is a vampire movie!"

Now you stop and think "wow, a vampire movie and Korean yet, " was to be the worst movie, because those two things together would only give to shit, but it came out something totally awesome!


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Uggg! I'm sick of Asian horror movies.

My guess is that the best Asian horror movies get distributed outside of Asia or make it in into the English language media but the other 90% of those formulaic crap movies, you are lucky enough to be spared from.
In Thailand, there are the ghost of the month and the real tortue porn movies ("Saw" is comparitively lightweight and has something of a plot). Japan has the laughably, partially animated stuff like the "Deathnote" series.
"you'll find the Asian movies to be much better at horror films than Hollywood is." Maybe if you're talking about the top ten percent of Asian movies.

For Everyone's Information, the AZN Asian

Channel is Channel 69 in Oakland on Comcast. It has some wonderful international and local Asian focused programming, especially movies. They show many hard to find Asian horror movies, anime and some old favories such as Eat Drink Man Woman. I watched a great Indian movie on yesterday afternoon called Fiza. Most all their movies are subtitled which I love, though they occassionally dub somethings. Saturday's at 7:00 they always show a movie.
This is in follow -up to this post:

The Asians stick to ghosts

And spirits of dead people for their movies. That's my impression anyway. For a while, Hollywood was remaking a number of Asian horror movies, but that seems to have stopped after Jessica Alba pretended to be blind in that remake of a Thai movie.
The Ninja/Western mashup movie The Warrior's Way did poorly at the box office, so I don't think we'll get many ninja movies.

SHOWBIZ: Haunted by history  — New Straits Times
I'm a huge fan of Rosemary's Baby. I like horror movies because they're a reflection of the culture. Asian horror movies have taken charge, I must say, over the years. We have the popular Ju-On and The Ring series.

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