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5 vampire movies to watch (and to others you know!) ~ Will Watching!

August 29, 2013 – 01:25

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In June last year I made ​​the posting 5 Asian Horror Movies to watch (and to others you know) , which was quite successful. Intended to publish one type per month, but I realized that I could not (for various reasons). But ok, here we are again. I will try to post more another post similar to the end of the year. I hope you enjoy this!

Below let several movies about vampires. The first five listed here are not the best in the universe. Of all the vampire movies I've seen, I tried to put the 5 I find most liked. Yet seen classics like Dracula or Lost Boys and so they are not in the five films listed below, but at the end of the post. I hope you understand this and do not come with mimimi in the comments. Also do not put Twilight. Everyone knows and is not terror, no need to put it here. XD Here is the list:

1. Interview With the Vampire (1994)

One of the most famous classics of cinema. Who says a fan of vampire movies watched this movie for sure. Interview With the Vampire manages to keep the mood seductive, intense and gloomy typical vampire stories, and without being a boring movie and idiot. I think dispenses a brief synopsis, as everyone should know. If you do not know, check out the trailer and then go watch this movie!

2. 30 Days of Night (2007)

One of the few latest movies of vampires who pays. Is there an over production and such, but can please. In the film, a small town in Alaska will be again one month totally in the dark. At that time half of the inhabitants are gone elsewhere and only a few are in the city. That's where a group of vampires decide violent attack. 30 Days of Night has much cool scene and it is even very scary. If you want to watch a good recent movie about vampires, there is the hint.

3. Fright Night (1985)

Another classic vampire movies. And a lot of people did not see this movie! In Fright follow the story of a young man who struggles to save his family and girlfriend from the clutches of the seductive neighbor, who is no less a vampire. This is a movie for those who like horror 80s, besides vampires, of course. Scene has a lot of good and outstanding, but what really draws attention are the makeup really well made ​​and gruesome. The movie is so cool and was so successful that was remade last year, here's the post about the remake .

4. Blade II - Vampire Hunter (2002)


The Unseeable
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Uggg! I'm sick of Asian horror movies.

My guess is that the best Asian horror movies get distributed outside of Asia or make it in into the English language media but the other 90% of those formulaic crap movies, you are lucky enough to be spared from.
In Thailand, there are the ghost of the month and the real tortue porn movies ("Saw" is comparitively lightweight and has something of a plot). Japan has the laughably, partially animated stuff like the "Deathnote" series.
"you'll find the Asian movies to be much better at horror films than Hollywood is." Maybe if you're talking about the top ten percent of Asian movies.

For Everyone's Information, the AZN Asian

Channel is Channel 69 in Oakland on Comcast. It has some wonderful international and local Asian focused programming, especially movies. They show many hard to find Asian horror movies, anime and some old favories such as Eat Drink Man Woman. I watched a great Indian movie on yesterday afternoon called Fiza. Most all their movies are subtitled which I love, though they occassionally dub somethings. Saturday's at 7:00 they always show a movie.
This is in follow -up to this post:

The Asians stick to ghosts

And spirits of dead people for their movies. That's my impression anyway. For a while, Hollywood was remaking a number of Asian horror movies, but that seems to have stopped after Jessica Alba pretended to be blind in that remake of a Thai movie.
The Ninja/Western mashup movie The Warrior's Way did poorly at the box office, so I don't think we'll get many ninja movies.

SHOWBIZ: Haunted by history  — New Straits Times
I'm a huge fan of Rosemary's Baby. I like horror movies because they're a reflection of the culture. Asian horror movies have taken charge, I must say, over the years. We have the popular Ju-On and The Ring series.

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