News: Trailer horror film Hanako-san

April 1, 2023 – 09:03 am

News: Trailer horror film Hanako-san

Japanese school + a monster in the toilet = Hanako-san! By Lvi. Hanako-san

As you know, some Japanese directors develop a passion for ghost stories or dramas taking place in schools. Hanako-san is no exception to the rule since it takes a very popular urban legend in Japan based on the ghost of a young girl who died during the Second World War, haunting the toilets Japanese schools. The legend says that when cap three times on the door and asks, "Is that you're there, Hanako-san? "She then replied in a low voice, " Yes, I'm here. "' It is said that he who would be brave enough to push the door would face Hanako-san, who kill by sucking in closets. Obviously, Hanako-san is wearing a white dress and has long hair covering her face. This legend has been adapted twice, in 1995 and 1998 movie Hanako territory in Shinsei no Hanako-san.

Directed by Masafumi Yamada (RIDDLE), Hanako-san will include the presence of Ueno Yuuka, still unknown to the battalion. The film's release in Japan is scheduled for June 29


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Uggg! I'm sick of Asian horror movies.

My guess is that the best Asian horror movies get distributed outside of Asia or make it in into the English language media but the other 90% of those formulaic crap movies, you are lucky enough to be spared from.
In Thailand, there are the ghost of the month and the real tortue porn movies ("Saw" is comparitively lightweight and has something of a plot). Japan has the laughably, partially animated stuff like the "Deathnote" series.
"you'll find the Asian movies to be much better at horror films than Hollywood is." Maybe if you're talking about the top ten percent of Asian movies.

For Everyone's Information, the AZN Asian

Channel is Channel 69 in Oakland on Comcast. It has some wonderful international and local Asian focused programming, especially movies. They show many hard to find Asian horror movies, anime and some old favories such as Eat Drink Man Woman. I watched a great Indian movie on yesterday afternoon called Fiza. Most all their movies are subtitled which I love, though they occassionally dub somethings. Saturday's at 7:00 they always show a movie.
This is in follow -up to this post:

The Asians stick to ghosts

And spirits of dead people for their movies. That's my impression anyway. For a while, Hollywood was remaking a number of Asian horror movies, but that seems to have stopped after Jessica Alba pretended to be blind in that remake of a Thai movie.
The Ninja/Western mashup movie The Warrior's Way did poorly at the box office, so I don't think we'll get many ninja movies.

SHOWBIZ: Haunted by history  — New Straits Times
I'm a huge fan of Rosemary's Baby. I like horror movies because they're a reflection of the culture. Asian horror movies have taken charge, I must say, over the years. We have the popular Ju-On and The Ring series.

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