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August 28, 2013 – 23:24

Hew new piece stuck Lost Souls murder suspicions,the 24th is also the premiere of a movie theater to send blood to the audience to eat cake,so that we can not follow the reign of horror story Huihun."Lost Souls" pile murder occurred more than the film,and even the tragic death of someone close to being made blood pudding,a theater audience also saw Joseph Chang invite them to eat rice pudding blood,say it is horrible,address him nauseated. Joseph Chang "Lost Souls" challenge suspense thriller role,suspected of being possessed attacked the family and made friends bloodied,was mistaken Liang He Qun almost done with blood pudding eaten until Jimmy Wang Yu plays the father to come forward quickly sent him away,Adventure stories brought to light only escaped unharmed.
Zhongmeng Hong in the film "Lost Souls" in Let incarnation murder suspect Joseph Chang,slingshots,scissors leave the body,so that the audience taut nerves fear erupt at any time accident.Directed Zhongmeng Hong manufactured using streamlined scenes involve many lives suspense,accurate shot every minute nerves closely audience,he said,"the parties do not know his life is only three minutes only,do not know the whole process,push the door to see things,life in three minutes,180 seconds after the countdown began."The One-Armed Swordsman Xia Wang Yu got a glass slide was repressed Aiko's father,the previous effort unpredictable son of Joseph Chang Lost Souls ,the two-level exhibition actor acting,suspense Lost Souls index full point.

Joseph Chang in the show "girlfriend.Boyfriend,"won the best actor acting career skyrocketed after,this time in" Lost Souls "Lost Souls show an effort unpredictable man,indifferent attitude to family and friends and strange paresthesia,an outbreak of an accidental murder,once again demonstrated Let fans amazing acting.Joseph Chang lovable appearance and delicate nature of acting,has been the most like to work with many directors actor,but also by Brigitte praised as diamonds.The same stage with Jimmy Wang Yu superb on the show,and she drew the audience and critics hooked.

Whether the camera angle,narrative technique are cathartic Masterpieces of Zhongmeng Hong,the first two films,"parking" and "The Fourth Portrait" are already in the International Film Festival in Moscow,this new work of the "Lost Souls" is conquered North American festival selection of films people from the Toronto International Film Festival,the Vancouver International Film Festival,San Diego Asian Film Festival,San Francisco Film Festival in Taiwan and the Asian heavyweight Pusan ​​International Film Festival and the Tokyo International Film Festival are trying to invite other famous "Lost Souls" exhibition .One of the most indicative of the Toronto International Film Festival,the movie can be selected almost be said to win next year's Oscar-nominated quasi tickets,including Oscar popular a few years ago,"Asian fruit on a mission","big artist" in Toronto Film critics and audiences around the top to get the attention,so "Lost Souls" won the Toronto International Film Festival's invitation,but also to the film in the international film market soared,including the United States and Japan,Universal Pictures film companies all have expressed "Lost Souls "have high interest.

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