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August 29, 2013 – 01:25

Workshop Troma

The Film Commission is pleased to present: Film Commission proudly presents:


Kaufman illustrerà ad addetti ai lavori e fan il suo cinema indipendente nel primo workshop italiano che si terrà il 26/10/2013 e il 27/10/2013 a Roma. The workshop with the legendary director LLOYD KAUFMAN founder of Troma film. Kaufman explain to insiders and fans of independent cinema in his first Italian workshop to be held on 26/10/2013 and 27/10/2013 in Rome. Registration for the TROMALAB can be made ​​here. Registration for the workshop will allow access to the projections of Troma Films. October 25, 2013 at 19 pm the director will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Director of the Film Commission Rino Small Oxer at the Cinema of Latin America.

Kaufman will meet film-makers and fans at his first Italian film workshop that will be held in Rome on the 26th and 27th 0f October 2013. A Film Workshop with legendary director LLOYD KAUFMAN founder of TROMA Cinema. Kaufman will meet film-makers and fans at His First Italian film That workshop will be held in Rome on the 26th and 27th 0f October 2013. You can purchase your tickets here TROMALAB. Your ticket will allow you Also to be ADMITTED to Troma film projections. On the 25th of October at 7pm Mr. Kaufman will receive a career award in Latin American Cinema at Oxer presented by Latina Film Commission Director Rino Piccolo.

Lloyd Kaufman will present his film, addressing the issues and the choices of staging such Troma and illustrating his techniques to make a film totally independent or zero budget. Workshops will follow the important projections from the Troma catalog: Return to Nuke 'Em High , The Taint, The Toxic Avenger, Terror Firmer, Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.

Lloyd Kaufman will present his way of making films, through it's themes and it's creative process. On the second day of workshops Lloyd Kaufman will show His directing techniques and how to produce a movie with zero budget. After each workshop two popular Troma Films will be projected for the first time in Italy.


You can buy by clicking on "Buy Now" below with PayPal or by credit card or through a charge on account PostePay n.4023 6005 8466 7432 (Tax Code PCCLVC92H04F839A) practicable from any authorized service center. You can purchase either a one-day workshop at the price of 40 Euro or two-day workshop at the price of 70 Euro. Registration for the workshop will allow free access to the projections of Troma Films (otherwise the regular price of tickets will be 7 euro). His name will be recorded at the time of purchase and withdraw its ticket at the entrance of the Workshop. For more information write to [email protected]


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