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5 Asian Horror Movies to watch (and to others you know!) ~ Will Watching!

May 6, 2023 – 10:39 am

Top 10 Japanese Horror Films | Tofugu

Often receive emails from readers asking some movie recommendations. Ask Asian movies, suspense, psychopaths and so on. Well then, to help those who want to meet new movies decided to make this Top 5.

Unlike the previous Top 5, and make a list with 5 films this also will recommend other films at the end of the post. The five films that will indicate that they are watched and are classics that every fan of the horror / thriller Asia must watch. The others just leave the cover that clicking the page will be directed to the trailer or posting it here in VA (if any). I'm not saying that these other films are not as good as the five chosen, but I needed to pick five and decided by those who are better known and even called classic horror movies oriental.

Today will be Asian films, but every month I intend to make other lists like this on the blog so you always have tips movies to watch. Hope you enjoy! 1. Ringu

The original Japanese version of the movie The Ring (The Ring), Ringu (1998) is one of the classics of Asian horror, a film that inspired many other films. Scary and different, impressed even us Westerners. For those who are a fan of oriental films, this is indispensable. I intend to write about it soon here in VA, meanwhile click here and check out the critique of the American version, The Ring. 2. Honogurai mizu no soko kara

Mother and daughter move to a new condo and strange things begin to happen when a stranger appears in the roof eaves of the apartment. Dark Water (2002) somewhat resembles the Ringu in some details, but the story (not involving videotapes and even television ) is different. I confess that I liked this movie more than the Ringu. I thought Dark Water scarier and engaging. Want a good Asian horror movie to watch? This is the movie. Dark Water also has an American remake, to check out the trailer for the remake click here .

3. Ju-On

Ju-On (2002) can also be called one of the classics of Asian horror and is probably one of the most famous on this list, he and Spirits: Death This at Your Side are up that well known here in the West (if compared with other Asian films). Not very scary and there has not a big production, but it is a great movie, very interesting. As you probably already know, The Grudge (The Grudge) with Bill Pullman and Sarah Michelle Gellar is the American remake of this movie. To check the posting of the Ju-On click here and to confer the Scream click here .

4. Gwoemul

Grandfather, son and granddaughter live in a trailer on the edge of the Han River when a horrible monster comes on the river and completely changes the life of this family. The Host (2006) won several awards from Asian cinema and is still in the book 1001 Movies To See Before die . It is a spectacular movie! Super well produced, with excellent performances and an incredible story. When watching keep in mind that it is different from American or Japanese films, because after all, it is a South Korean film. You will realize that Koreans are very dramatic, but that the production of the film and the performances are impeccable. It is without doubt a movie to see before you die. To check the posting of this film, click here (it's the only film of the five chosen that does not have a remake).

Source: www.vaiassistindoterror.com

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Ring: Japanese vs. American

First of all, Ring is a total steal of the Japanese movie. Talking about Disney's copyright...give me a break.
American people, as a group, are way too healthy and optimistic to make such a dreadful movie. Ring tries to scale down the horror in the original Japanese movie. In the Japanese one, from what I read, the people were clearly told that in order to survive, they had to pass the curse down to somebody else within 7 days, so everyone is turned into an evil. you can understand that the dead-girl was taking advantage of people's selfishness and cowardice to achieve her goal, which makes you disappointed with human nature---nobody can be trusted

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“As a major influence in American culture and one of our nation's largest media exports abroad, the lack of LGBT characters in big-budget films needs to change,” said actor and GLAAD activist Wilson Cruz. “Until LGBT characters are ... "Rocky Horror ..

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