Review: American Horror Story - Asylum / series

April 16, 2023 – 10:20 am

As promised, here is my review for the second season of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story is pretty strange.
Not only because a completely different bearing series like Nip / Tuck or Glee come here in the name of the creator's mind, but mainly because the first season is also a fine line between genius and idiocy.
I like the first season, but not fully.
That, represented by Connie Britton and Dylan McDermott couple on the verge of a nervous breakdown I find just exhausting and unappealing.
Fortunately, they only provide the basis for the plot and leave enough space for the other, really good characters / actors.
But I will not even go to this great place on the first season.

So we come to season 2:

She plays in the sixties in a church led sanatorium called Briarcliff.
The drama series components were increased in the second season again, just like the madness.
Nazis, aliens, serial killers, nuns, Anne Frank, zombie mutants and the devil himself give the jack in the hand.
When one hears so, one would think that you are in the latest Mel Brooks movie and here is that just hit times properly on the Lachmuskel.
This of course is not true because AHS Asylum remains with very few exceptions until the end extremely seriously and manages to bring all these under one roof alleged mischief without being completely stripped.
I can not say enough superlatives to unpack, to be fair this season actually.
The insanity leads the spring, and he does it damn well.
The French song "Dominique", which is constantly played to the occupants of Briarcliff, or bowing to Glee in the form of "The Name Game" are only a part of this madness, which makes especially AHS Asylum that.

The actors give themselves, as opposed to the first season of his chance, but consistently convincing.
These would Franka Potente as "Anne Frank?" Lily Rabe as "Sister Mary Eunice" and last but not least, the magnificent Jessica Lange as "Sister Jew / Judy".

Gorehounds come at their expense, although the pace is more leisurely and really there is not much action, but the effects are used sparingly for really well done and also do not spare the lifeblood.

I have deliberately kept my review short and sweet, and not gespoilert little betrayed.
Look at AHS Asylum, the part is really great - no questions asked!

I do not belong to the people who throw 9/10-Wertungen around, but this series really deserves it.


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