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March 31, 2023 – 09:00 am

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2 ] es la segunda temporada de la serie de televisión de terror American Horror Story . American Horror Story: Asylum [2] is the second season of the horror television series American Horror Story . 3 ] y estrenándose en FX el 17 de octubre de 2012. [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] La premisa de la segunda temporada marca un alejamiento de la primera temporada de la serie, con nuevos personajes y una nueva ubicación. Posted on October 31, 2011 [3] and premiered on FX on October 17, 2012. [4] [5] [6] The premise of the second season marks a departure from the first season of the series, with new characters and a new location. Thus, American Horror Story has been considered an anthology series. American Horror Story: Asylum takes place in Briarcliff Mental Institution in 1964 and follows the story of patients, doctors and nurses in the asylum.

# (Number) # (Temp) Title Director (s) Writer (s) Premiere Audience
(In millions) 13 1 " Welcome to Briarcliff » Bradley Buecker Tim Minear October 17, 2012 3.85 As of today, a newlywed couple go to a "Honeymoon horror", exploring the abandoned now Briarcliff, a former insane asylum . The episode goes back to 1964 when Kit Walker is admitted to the asylum, accused of being the serial murderer "Bloody Face." Kit protest claiming their innocence and flashes of memory suggest that something more sinister is responsible for your situation. In Briarcliff, Kit Grace befriends an inmate who is believed to have killed his family. Meanwhile, the journalist enters Briarcliff Lana Winters, trying to explore the mistreatment of prisoners. She is lost and is confronted by the tyrannical Sister Jude, who admits to asylum against his will, claiming that lesbianism Winters is a mental illness that should be treated. A bitter rivalry starts between Sister Jude and Dr. Arthur Arden, using torture and murder to discover the secret of the madness that believed to be hiding in the human brain. In the present day, the lovers are attacked and persecuted in Briarcliff.

14 2 "Tricks and Treats" Bradley Buecker James Wong October 24, 2012 3.06

It's called an exorcist to Briarcliff to care for the farm boy. The demon possessing the boy is too strong and ends up winning the exorcist, but not before ending the life of the boy, whose hearts can not withstand the pressure level at which it is subjected. However, the death of the possessed not just the problems, as the demon takes the body of the innocent Sister Mary Eunice, which takes the place of exorcism at the precise moment when the demon leaves the body of the boy. It reveals the darkest secret of Sister Jude, who until 1949 led a dissolute and dissipated life that year and runs over a girl in the middle of a stormy night, causing his immediate death, despite which Sister Jude did not even had left the vehicle to check the status of his victim.

15 3 "Nor'easter" Michael Uppendahl Jennifer Salt October 31, 2012 2.47


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Hm, I might disagree

The movies you cite are certainly outstanding in the horror genre (and I'd add some more titles to that list: Videodrome, Don't Look Now, The Devils, Alien, Cannibal Holocaust, An American Werewolf in London, Race With the Devil)
if you're referring to the inundation of formula slasher flicks and their endless derivative sequels that have arisen since the late 70s, (eg, Friday the 13th Part 87) then I definitely agree with you
however, there is still plenty of original and innovative horror film making to be found, though you might have to do a little work to find

A new nominee for worst ever

Ladies and gentlemen, for your cinematic review may I proffer "It's all about love." Reeking of -- er, starring Joaquin Phoenix, Clane Danes, with cameos by -- God help us -- Sean Penn.
Watched this abomination on cable a couple of years ago and was so aghast and appalled that I could not peel my eyes away for nary a second. I was deeply disturbed when I recently checked on a hundred worst list and found no mention of this loathsome turd. I can only think that not enough have suffered through it.
What really sets this horror show apart is that it is not campy in the least and that it takes itself oh so seriously with pretensions to profundity

Your week-by-week guide to the most promising movies hitting theaters in the ..  — The Week Magazine
Why you should care: The first Insidious is by no means a classic of the horror genre, but its no-frills (and relatively bloodless) haunted house scares were a refreshing change of pace from the director who launched the Saw franchise. ..

You're Next review: Axe murderers be warned - Don't mess with a girl from ..  — Brisbane Times
I could delve deep and say slasher films are a perfect corollary to puberty, in that the child's body is destroyed in the creation of the man, but really, boys like violent horror because it's funny and disreputable and parents hate it.

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