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  • 2x01 Welcome to Briarcliff
    • 2x01 Welcome to Briarcliff
    • Original title: Welcome to Briarcliff
    • Aired: 17.10.2012
    • Italian Aired: 06/02/2013
    • Average User Rating: 8.3
    Welcome to Briarcliff Manor, a well-known institution for the mentally ill who have broken the law and home of the famous serial killer Bloody Face. In the shadows of this strange manor mysteries lurk terrifying that push to the limit the barrier between reality and madness.

    • 2x02 The Exorcism
    • Original title: Tricks and Treats
    • Aired: 24.10.2012
    • Italian Aired: 13/02/2013
    • Average User Rating: 8.3

    To help a boy on a farm in Briarcliff organizing an exorcism, in the meantime we are aware of the darkest secret of Sister Jude.

    • 2x03 Stormy night
    • Original title: Nor'easter
    • Aired: 31.10.2012
    • Italian Aired: 20/02/2013
    • Average User Rating: 8

    A violent storm hits on Briarcliff Manor, giving the opportunity to a group of patients to put into practice an escape plan risky. Sister Jude meanwhile, is tormented by the ghosts of his past.

    A new patient, who claims to be Anne Frank, accuses Dr. Arden of being a Nazi war criminal and Sister Jude begins to have her suspicions when two homicide detectives will have to query Arden about the aggression suffered by the prostitute. Kit discovers why Grace was interned in Briarcliff Manor and begins to doubt his sanity .... [read more]

    Sister Jude turns to a famous Nazi hunter to gather evidence against Arden. Dr. Thredson able to obtain, by deception, a confession of kit for the murders of a serial killer Bloody Face. Sister Jude learns that maybe his suspicions about Arden are not justified after all. Sister Eunice was able to free the laboratories of Arden during the inspection of ... [read more]

    • 2x06 The origins of evil
    • Original title: The Origins of Monstrosity
    • Aired: 21/11/2012
    • Italian Aired: 13.03.2013
    • Average User Rating: 7.3

    A woman goes to Briarcliff to hospitalize her daughter, she fears she is deeply disturbed, but Sister Jude refuses the case because the clinic does not have a wing for children. The bounty hunter tells Sister Jude who has found evidence incriminating Dr. Arden as a Nazi criminal, the last thing he needs is his fingerprints. The Monsignor goes to ... [read more]

    • The dark angel 2x07
    • Original title: Dark Cousin
    • Aired: 28/11/2012
    • Italian Aired: 20/03/2013
    • Average User Rating: 8.5

    Sister Mary Eunice deals with the arrival of an angel of death to Briarcliff. Lana manages to escape from the clutches of Dr. Thredson but ends up back at the clinic, this time in the hands of his sister Eunice. Kit manages to escape and goes to Briarcliff to escape Grace but the girl's fate is in the hands of the angel.

    Sister Jude manages to enter and threaten to Briarcliff Sister Mary Eunice but organizes a plan to get rid of her once and for all. Meanwhile, Frank is taken by guilt for what happened to Grace and intends to inform the police of the incident, but Dr. Arden and Sister Eunice did not intend to allow the police to pry into the clinic. Lana discovers that his ... [read more]

    Lana and Kit are to record the confession of Dr. Thredson, but when Lana come back later to kill it turns out that Sister Eunice has let him get away. Dr. Arden has an interesting theory about the aliens and after exposure to Kit invites him to work to prove it. Sister Jude wakes up at Briarcliff accused of killing Frank and conscious of ... [read more]

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