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American Psycho II: The Horror Continues

August 29, 2013 – 01:24

Deconstructing Horror: Haunted Houses On The Screen

American Psycho II: All American Girl goes on (English American Psycho II: All American Girl) is an American thriller by Morgan J. Freeman from the year 2002 . The film is a direct-to-video sequel of the thriller American Psycho from the year 2000 . The main role was played by Mila Kunis .

After "Rachael Newman" was taken away from her babysitter to the psychopathic serial killer Patrick Bateman, they killed him while he was busy trying to kill their babysitter. Six years later, she is at a university and wants to become the assistant of Professor Robert Starkman, because that would be their ticket to the FBI necessarily. Starkman was formerly a profiler with the FBI, the last case of the serial killer Patrick Bateman was. However, she has stiff competition for the position of assistant, including Strong Mans lover. One by one they bring all the competitors as well as the people who stand in her way. During all this time she plays a game with a psychologist, who is friends with Starkman. Among other things, it answers the question of the psychologist, who they would like to be beside himself with "Elizabeth McGuire".

Since Starkman but decided in the year following the alleged suicide of his lover to take a break and not to occupy the office assistant, Rachael, and eventually brings him to disclose some secrets here. Thus we learn that the babysitter was also strong mans former lover. At the end of the movie, it turns out that it's not Rachael Newman, but killed them and accepted their identity. Ultimately, it deceives with the corpse of the real Rachael Newman, which she had kept in her closet the whole time, before her death. You can fall and explode the car into a river. They all think she was dead

Two years later, the psychologist his book he has written about Rachael Newman, the FBI before. She goes after his speech to him to let her sign a copy for Elizabeth McGuire. It reveals itself to him, and he learns from someone that she has become the first agent with the FBI with this identity, which has been transformed in the second year. At the end it says that it needs someone who knows of their perfect murder series, because otherwise it would be as if they had done nothing.

Matwychuk Paul wrote in the Canadian 'Vue Weekly', the film belongs to the 'weirdest' ('odd') and 'inexplicable' ('inexplicable') sequels in film history.

David Nusair wrote on the film is burdened with many problems, which particularly evident ('glaring') belong to the representation of Mila Kunis. The presentation of William Shatner he described as the 'only ray of light' ('sole bright spot').

  • One of the students who kills Rachael, has a diary that Bateman is very similar.
  • The music that runs in Rachael's car radio as she is pursued by the police, is the background music of the title theme of the film Beetlejuice .
  • In the film, the beginning of the song "Fiery Nights" by Ronan Hardiman is used several times, actually part of Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance is.


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