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Spielberg films the great American story in the intimate "Lincoln" - Cinema

August 29, 2013 – 01:25

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With "Lincoln", filmmaker Steven Spielberg launches ambitious film about the abolition of slavery in the United States, presented as an intimate portrait of the 16th president of the United States, who is played by Briton Daniel Day-Lewis.

Displayed in October at the Film Festival in New York, and on Thursday (8) at the end of the AFI Fest in Hollywood - which traditionally marks the start of the Oscar race - "Lincoln" opens Friday (9) in North America and on January 25 in Brazil.

Spielberg dreamed for over a decade with the idea of ​​directing a film about Abraham Lincoln, assassinated in April 1865, and arguably the most revered president in American history.

"I've always been fascinated by the myth of Lincoln staff, " said filmmaker in Los Angeles in late October, before regrettable that the character has been reduced to "a kind of national cultural stereotype."

Astonishingly, the film is not interested in seriously the historical figure of the president since 1939, when John Ford directed "The Youth of Lincoln" starring Henry Fonda.

Poster for "Lincoln" in the U.S.

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For the project, Spielberg decided not to embark on a biography about the life of the man of the Republican State. "We would have expanded greatly both creators and actors, " said the filmmaker. "We would have shown only the key moments, major sentences without being able to show the depth of this man."

With the complicity of screenwriter and playwright Tony Kushner, Spielberg decided to concentrate efforts in the last months of the president's life and show their efforts in favor of the abolition of slavery, while the civil war still ravaging the country.

The result is a film format intimate, unique in Spielberg's filmography. Filmed almost entirely on internal scenarios without large spectacular scenes - with the exception of a battlefield at the beginning - the drama focuses on the dialogues and performances.

In the cast are still Tommy Lee Jones, who plays an advocate of abolition, Sally Field in the role of Mary, the wife of the president, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as son Robert.

In the role of Lincoln, Briton Daniel Day-Lewis has another brilliant interpretation and is almost certain presence at the Oscars, on February 24 in Los Angeles.

The actor, who won two Academy statuettes for "My Left Foot" (1989) and "Blood" (2008), is famous for being very picky when choosing their work. He even admitted that he hesitated for a long time to accept the role of a "man whose life has been mythologized to the point that there is the risk of not being able to represent it correctly."

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"I do not know if I could do it. The last thing he wanted was irrevocably tarnish the reputation of the greatest president of the United States, " said Day-Lewis.

"It was hard to convince him. But if he had not spoken, I would not have done the movie, " Spielberg confirmed.

The filmmaker explained that deliberately waited American elections (won by Democratic President Barack Obama ) for the premiere of the film, thus avoiding the politicization of the film.


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In theaters nationwide.
For so many reasons:
The 50th anniversary of November, 22nd, 1963.
To re-connect a new generation of younger Americans ( and re-entertain us older ones ) with the only major commercially successful film of one of the top 3 most important world and nation changing events in our 20th century history.
The movie is one of the top ten American films ever made in my opinion.
Not just because it so successfully captures the almost unbelievable nation and world traumatizing power of the actual monstrously brutal and evil act,
But also because it courageously tackled one of our most controversial and society debated events head on despite an avalanche of rage filled national criticism

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