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May 22, 2023 – 11:05 am

American Horror Story Season 3 Supports New Orleans Film Industry

"Smart: Paranormal" (Paranormal Activity) is a 2007 American horror pseudo-record-type movies , ghost into the mirror series first episode, directed by the cutting-edge film Orem Paley to the low cost of $ 15, 000 dollars to complete filming . In addition, the film and on October 14, 2007 in Screamfest Horror Film Festival premiere of the theatrical release just over ten small movies, very good reputation, has broken box office cumulative one hundred million U.S. dollars. Suggestion in Steven Schneider, director of the outcome has been modified, the outcome has a total of three. In 2009 and 2010, the United States officially released worldwide.

The film is directed by Oren Paley's debut, the film is a start and did not enter the cinema screenings, but directly made into DVD. Movie on the DVD market is very fiery popular, because Steven Schneider's hand to help, was able to film theaters. In Steven Schneider's suggestion, the original director Oren Paley end has been modified.

In the famous horror movie film festival - screaming Film Festival (Screamfest) have gained award. The film entirely filmed using hand-held consumer DV. But also in post-editing ordinary home computer platforms complete. Film production costs only $ 11, 000. Filming for only one week. Initially only played in 10 theaters, and later increased to more than six hundred and twenty, the box office considerable profits are 7, 100 times.

Paley film is the director's home studio. In order to shoot the film, Paley deliberately put their home repainted again. Paley interviewed hundreds of actors have found a suitable male and female. Video does not shape the script, all the lines are on-site creation.

The film was originally scheduled to early 2008 into the DVD market, but because the production side and the issuer did not issue settled matters, matters relating to delays in the matter would be issued. Oren Paley angrily, and began to issue their own trading. He successfully sold the film rights of the world's 52 countries.

The film creative ideas come from Oren Paley's girlfriend, also a producer of the film. She moved to South America with Oren Paley a place to live, often said during his girlfriend heard a strange sound, and recalled his hours provoke a ghost experience. This incident inspired Oren Paley Write a mess ghost girlfriend, big house horror story.

The movie sequel " Paranormal Activity "on October 22, 2010 U.S. release, the film team by different actors and filmed. Japan then bought the copyright of filming sequels alone, made ​​into a " Smart 2: Tokyo Record "on November 20, 2010 release in Japan, the film director of the Yangtze River Toshikazu , the main actors of Aoi Nakamura and Noriko Aoyama .

While in 2011 it released its prequel - ghost into the mirror 3 .

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