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American Horror Story: Coven, previews from PaleyFest

August 29, 2013 – 01:24


Did the witches? It will be witches: the subtitle of the third season of "American Horror Story" , airing next season on FX , will be "Coven." Which translated can mean "coven", "sect", and in English is often used when you want to talk you witches. To announce the title was Ryan Murphy at PaleyFest, which was also attended by Jessica Lange and Kathy Bates the new entry .

"It 's really a strong story we had in mind for a couple of years and this seems to be the right year to tell it, " revealed Murphy, who also explained that, for the first time, there will be a single location , but the series will be "on the road": some scenes will be shot in New Orleans, while you are looking for other suitable places to tell the story of next season. "We have a couple of other places tough, " he told the author .

Little else, then, was told about the new episodes: the Lange will be a character that the American press has called a "glamor cat." "I do not know what that means, but it's exciting, " revealed the actress, who has been the creator of entry into the cast of the Bates. The latter has admitted to loving "the series from the beginning" and that he had asked Lange to convince Murphy to have her in the cast. And if an actress of this caliber begs you to make it work in your series, it remains to look at ...
"Tell him I'd do anything, " he explained to the Bates Lange. Murphy was not hard to think of a character for her, which seems to be inspired by a true story. The Bates will be the better friend of the character of Lange, who would become his nemesis. "I love Kathy Bates from when I saw her on stage, " said Murphy, "I suggested this absurd character and I said 'call me or send me an e-mail '. An hour later the phone rang me and told me 'I'm in'. "

If by "American Horror Story" there is little else to say, Murphy admitted to be thinking about a new project, again for Fx, which would make the company to its series on Wednesday evenings. The idea is not exactly original of a vampire show, so much so that Murphy himself was reluctant at first, but it seems he's trying an alternative route to avoid falling into history already seen on television. If so, it is enough to be happy.


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