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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rarity among sitcoms

It was exactly this aspect that American Horror Story caught my attention, and as I have almost a duty to show new series of many different types, I decided to test.

American Horror Story tells the story of a house where many murders have occurred over the years since the 60's. But the show begins even when the Harmon family moves into a house in the city of Los Angeles, because his father, Ben Harmon ( Dylan McDermott , Bobby Donnell The Challenge of extinct, appears in Brazil on FOX), betrays the woman, Vivien ( Connie Britton , Tamie Taylor to the recently canceled Friday Night Lights) with one of his students.

From this starting point, somewhat common even for films like "The Amityville Horror", family life begins to be a series of nightmares real, ranging from face such treachery to the engagement of their daughter, Violet ( Taissa Farmiga , also sister of actress Vera Farmiga) with Ben schizophrenic patients.

American Horror has a production well made ​​(at least the studio), with few external and scenes that take place outside the home, or other characters other than the main.

However, the script episodes always appear new mysteries that surround the property, which leaves a bit to ask if one day be solved by screenwriter Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, the same Glee - believe me if you want.

On the issue escalations actors were well made, the constant guilt of Ben Harmon, played by McDermott, the schizophrenic patient Tate, played by Evan Peters , who until then had only appeared in films like "Breaking the Rules" and "Sleeping Away "...

But the highlight had to be the same for Jessica Lange as Constance, the gossipy neighbor who does not make clear their interest and there is not even very good head. No wonder: Jessica won 2 Oscars, actress and supporting actress in 1995 and 1983.

Another positive point is the special effects real, without falling into the bizarre and - as usually talk - in typical film category Z.

The series was renewed for a second season, while still in the 5th episode in the United States. American Horror is produced by FX and will debut in Brazil on June 8 (Tuesday), on FOX, at a time and comrade, the 23h. And there's going to run into?


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Speaking of creepy dolls, my mom scanned this old photo of me and emailed it to me today. I was like, "Dear God! I actually slept with that thing!" :O
I can totally see it turning it's plastic head and saying, "I'm going to EEEEAAAATTTTT YOUUUUUUU"
then again, maybe I've just watched one too many horror films at this point.
As for Turn of the Screw. Loved the book, and I remember seeing an old film based on the book, but I didn't know there was a remake? I'll have to look for it. Would you recommend it?
I saw a few creepy asian films that had kids in them (the original "Dark Water" NOT the American remake, and also the Korean film "A Tale of Two Sisters")

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